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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) : is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. Enterprises are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, services, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.

Historically, IVR Solutions have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses.
With Web Receptionist, you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Customer will listen to a Welcome message With Brief Introduction About your Company Profile, Products & Services.

Call Flow Management

The service has following advantages:

All call to your company are greeted with a professionally recorded welcome sound –
Project a Big Company Image.

•    Never loose any business leads
•    Project big company image
•    Web Receptionist for 24X7 Working Hours.
•    Welcome audio prompt greets the caller with your company’s name.
•    Give to Caller Brief Introduction About your Company Profile, Products & Services.
•    Input specific call forwarding (Press 1 or 2 …. 9) with IVR.
•    Web Base Real time Reports.
•    Call Recording - All Call Conversations Recording.
•    Voice mail Services
•    Multiple call forwarding numbers As per Group / Product / Services Wise
•    Time based call forwarding i.e. different numbers for office hours and different number for after working
•    hours. Missed and received call alerts via SMS and e-mail for future reference.( optional )
•    White Listing No. / Black List No.
•    Detailed Report will be sent, your email ID everyday.
•    No Expense on Hardware or Software Installation & Maintenance Charges at your end.

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10 DIGIT No. /

1800 XXX XXX

Setup Charges Rs.



Monthly Rental Rs.



Quarterly Rental Rs.



Yearly Rental Rs.



Incoming Calls


Rs. 1.25 per Min.

Call Forwarding Charges Rs.

0.70 Per Min.

0.70 Per Min.

3,000 Minutes Free for Incoming Call on TOLL Free No. Plan.
3,000 Call Forwarding Minutes Free.

IVRs Demo Phone No. : 01413966809 / 09351457000
Missed Call Demo No : 9351712300
Send sms (Shreesms) (your E Mail ID) (Inquiry) to 57333
Send sms (info) (your E Mail ID) (Inquiry) to 8504800000
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Please do go through the Terms & Conditions before using any of the services.