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SMS Short Code Services  !!SPECIAL OFFER !!

World best marketing tools are now available at your disposal (only for legitimate businesses). Get a Keyword on 57333 to get connected with your customers any where any time.

Get a SMS keyword on SMS Short Code 57333

Cost per year : Rs. 14,000/- per keyword

Discount on : SMS Short Code : Rs. 3,500

Net Cost : SMS Short Code Rs. 10,500/- per keyword

For Three Year : Cost per year : Rs. 8,500/- per keyword 
Total Amount For Three Year: Rs. 25,500

Connectivity: All major mobile operators in India (CDMA & GSM)

Features :

  1. Unlimited Sub Keywords
  2. Branded control panel with two level of access.
  3. Complete Reporting
  4. Change replies as many times you want
  5. Upto two free sms for every incoming SMS.
  6. Inquire Forward by SMS *
  7. Check reports from your E-mail ID
  8. Instant response and real time reporting
Dedicated Long Code Service
  1. Hassle-free Always-Up SMS Service:
  2. Dedicated Long Code Service requires good setup and technology understanding backed by proven configuration and maintenance Experience. Shree SMS is one of best choices for such a service with Best Customer Service and Post-Sales Support.
  3. The Post to Web URL is one of most Powerful and easy to configure facility with Shree SMS - Long code service.
  4. Easily integrate your website data with our SMS long code service using any of our Web Scripting/ Programming languages like ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP etc.
Features of Dedicate SMS Long code Service
  1. It is global, whereas short code numbers are limited to country.
  2. Regular SMS charges for sender instead of premium SMS charges.
  3. Works for all GSM, CDMA operators that support text messaging.
  4. Choose your own dedicated long code number
  5. No keyword limitation, all incoming traffic is posted on your server
  6. Real Time Web Based Reporting.
  7. Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message in real time)
  8. SMS Forwarding / Auto Reply SMS Charge Rs. : 0.15 Per SMS (India only) 
  9. Customizable welcome message using URL post with option to disable auto-reply.

Other Features

  1. Auto Welcome Message -
  2. Web Based Control Panel
  3. Customized Welcome Message
  4. Real Time Web Based Reporting
  5. Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message)
  6. URL POST.

Where SMS Long code can be used?

  1. Where SMS number is printed on the advertisement
  2. Where communication is done internally with in companies employee for information sharing
  3. Day Report submission to head office by employee
  4. Updated price list of company products
  5. Checking stock status
  6. Result on request to parents
  7. Integration with any web application

Service Details For Long Code / Virtual No (10 Digits Number).

  1. Long Code / Virtual No. For Incoming SMS & Out Going SMS (100 SMS Per Day Only)
  2. In one day 100 SMS can be send using this Long Code / Virtual No.
  3. SMS Forwarding / Auto Reply SMS Charge Rs. : 0.15 Per SMS (India only)
  4. Validity : 12 Month for Long Code / Virtual No.

Find the Commercial Details for Shree SMS - Dedicated Long Code Service !!

S. No.

Description of Services


Amount (Rs.)


Long Code / Virtual No (10 Digits Number) Setup Charges One time




Rental Charges for one year for Long Code / Virtual No.



The charges are Exclusive of all Taxes


you will have to update following url for dedicate shortcode[shortcode]&message=[message]&mobile=[mobile]& carrierid=[carrierid]&circleid=[circleid]
in this url requested params is editable like
shortcode is editable but [shortcode] not editable
all the requested parameter is editable
all the received parameter and brakit ([-----]) parameter not editable

Industries mostly using Long Code Services.

Insurance companies : - Insurance companies can use Long Code to receive information on premium due date, policy update, premium payment confirmation, maturity reminder etc. by insurance holder.

Mutual Fund Industry : - Mutual fund companies use SMS services to receive updated NAV values, dividends, bonus etc.

FMCG Industry : - FMCG companies can use Long Code services to collect users feedback, distributors queries, etc.

Entertainment Industry :- Entertainment industry use SMS Gateway for download services like Jokes, Wallpapers, Ring tones, Games, Applications, MP3, Movie clips.

Educational institutions : - Educational institutes can use Long Code for providing receive results, exam information, can play quiz contest etc. that is organized by school / college / university by students etc.

Stock Market - Share brokers : - After banking the most of the huge SMS inflow is in Stock Market, mobile users can get market updates, buy and sale tips of shares, demat holdings, demat balance etc.

Hotel Booking Services : - Hotel booking industry is also using this services to reach travelers on mobile, travelers can book hotels by mobile and if bank support mobile payment so you can also pay for your booking by mobile.

Restaurants and Hotels : - Restaurants and hotels can use Long Code service to collect home delivery orders, mobile users can get information on promotions like food of the day etc.

Airlines : - After booking your airline tickets can check change of flight schedules, flight cancellation, booking promotions etc.

Banking : - Now most of the bank use SMS services and account holders of the respected banks can get account balance information, payment information, cheque or demand draft enquiry, payment transfer and any other services that is offered by bank.

IVRs Demo Phone No. : 01413966809 / 09351457000
Missed Call Demo No : 9351712300
Send sms (Shreesms) (your E Mail ID) (Inquiry) to 57333
Send sms (info) (your E Mail ID) (Inquiry) to 8504800000
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Please do go through the Terms & Conditions before using any of the services.